Friday, January 29, 2016

Your Teeth Matter!!

  *DISCLAIMER: When this goes up, I will have had my expander for almost 2 weeks :)
   P.S. expanding it every-other-night SUCKS... oh the joys of medical issues ;)

 So... today I got an expander. Yeah. The past two weeks I have had separators on the top of my mouth. Yeah.

  I kind of think of my teeth and orthodontics stuff like group projects: It's almost always annoying, a patience test, and just overall SUCKS. But, in the end, it was worth it, for there's (almost always) a good outcome. :)

  I've found that I do that quite often: compare. Like the other day, when I compared a little broccoli bit to our earth during dinner!! (I'm not the only one, right? ;) )   So anyhow, I said that the clove of broccoli was like our earth because, a, the green factor, and, b, the little flowers on it can be either compared to cities/locations, or human beings!! It's kinda' crazy to think about, huh.

  So to continue, YOUR TEETH MATTER. My Grandma is always talking about how "braces are a right good thing, and you should be glad to be getting them." Oh, Grandma! You gotta' love 'em though.

  So yes, I care about my teeth. I care about your teeth. I care about everybody's stuff in their mouths that are the only visible bones uncovered by skin that can chew, chomp, and grind.

  When you really think about, your teeth are quite versatile beings. They can do so much to help, but if you don't treat them right, then you're in trouble. They may become a lot less versatile, and even give you the chance of never returning to their original, healthy state.

  Hope this post's topic wasn't to weird/boring/irrelevant. I just wanted to get it out there. Plus, I was bored : /.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

  Happy New Year's Eve!! 2015 has absolutely become a year to remember. So much has happened that it only feels right to put it into a list. So, what are some amazing things I would like to cherish and remember from the year 2015?? Well, here they are:

  • January: joining a friend group where I was already friends with most of the girls, who were in my class
  • February: filming a mini-series with my friends 
  • March: doing the school musical (even if I was just in the chorus ;) )
  • April: nothing much.... 
  • May: nothing much....
  • June: doing a horse back riding summer camp
  • July: doing my first sleep away summer camp with my friends 
  • August: celebrating my birthday when most of my new and old friends got to meet
  • September: joining a girl's flag football team and getting into the full swing of Middle School
  • October: doing my first group costume with my friends; i became friends with the group I'm currently a part of in January of 2015
  • November: getting my goal mile time
  • December: getting on the team for gymnastics 
  So tell me, what are your greatest accomplishments?? We all have them. 

  XOXO, Mo, a Middle Schooler

Friday, December 25, 2015

DIY Glittery Pinecones

   The day after Thanksgiving of this year, my aunt, brother, and I ventured around our front yard in search of small, rosette-like looking pinecones. My aunt had gone through a phase where she enjoyed using glitter glue to glitter everything from pinecones to leaves to glass jars.

   We didn't have any glitter glue lying around the house (which really surprised me), so my dad and aunt hopped over to Target to get some; when they got back, boy were we ready to start gluing!! They turned out to be so beautiful and elegant-looking, when really all it took was some glitter-glue and small rosette-like pinecones from our front yard.



  The great thing about this project is how general it is; you can make themed ones for holidays, or if you just do a simple gold or silver (like the one shown above), you can just keep them around year-long. Different pinecones, and even different forms of nature can be gliterafied!! Umm... is that even a word?? Whateves, it's Christmas, am I right!? Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I even did a leaf, so yes, this project can definitely be tweaked to your exact liking ;).


  We made ours mainly for Christmas, but I'm sure there'll be many we keep out of the Holiday Boxes.

    Love you guys, Merry Christmas!!

  XOXO Mo, a Middle Schooler


Merry Christmas!!

   *To anyone that celebrates Hannukah or Kwanza, I hope you too had a very bright and happy holiday with joy, cheer, and family; you guys are great and amazing people no matter what holiday you celebrate!! Sorry if sometimes the "Holiday Season" gets a bit frustrating; I appreciate you and your celebratory ways just as I would any other. Happy Holidays!!!

Today I'm not addressing much, just wishing you guys a very merry Christmas. This year I got many-an item, none of which I feel as though I 100% deserve.

  I personally am not religious, but still of course celebrate the true meaning of Christmas: giving, peace, and joy. I sincerely hope every single one of you had an amazing Christmas filled with those meanings and hope anyone-someone-is reading this.

  Love you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    XOXO, Mo, a Middle Schooler

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Test Stress

  Hello lovelies!! Even though no one is reading this blog, I still feel like it's only appropriate to apologize for not writing recently. I've just been quite busy, to tell you the truth (quick side-note: please tell me in the comments below is ttytt-to tell you the truth-is a real thing).

  One thing that's kept me up and running lately is studying for tests. Due to the fact that Winter Break is coming up, many teachers are ending chapters, units, modules, etc., creating many a test for us students.

  I know someone (no naming names) who does deal with high anxiety levels. Her worst areas include travel, being in enclosed spaces, and... tests. Any kind of "test", really; intelligence, strength, any area of which you are judged.

  Some ways I personally cope with stress towards tests include:

  • studying... with a friend!!
 Everything is better with a friend, even studying!! It's better to do it with a friend because not only can they learn from you, but it also works visa-versa. They discover your weaknesses and strengths and same thing other way around, so you both get to help (further improving your knowledge) and be helped (important for obvious reasons). 
  • getting lots of sleep the night before
  A tired brain is not fit for a test, or basically anything. Actually, it's quit fit for sleep. Go to bed at a reasonable time (try latest around 9:15) and wake up at a reasonable time so that you can give yourself time to breath and you won't have to rush, stressing you out beyond what you're needing.
  • spreading out my studying
  This goes with the statement above: a tired brain is not fit for a test. Studies show that twenty minutes of study at a time is best for taking in the knowledge so you can easily remember it, but still not going WAY below maximum capacity of the brain or topping the maximum of the brain.
  • doing something i enjoy at least three times the week of the test to get my mind off of it
 For me personally, this would be writing, biking, gymnastics, and even just hagin' out with friends while you play Spot It! with Elf in the background! This is also scientifacly proven to relieve stress and will help you get your mind of things.

     I know there isn't much time until winter break (one day!!), and this probably would've been a lot more helpful on Monday or something (even before that), but I still sincerely hope this helped!! Love you, no matter who you are!!

    XOXO, Mo, a Middle Schooler

Sunday, November 29, 2015

13 Personal Questions Tag

  So... here's the scoop. I'm bored out of my mind, do NOT want to go back to school tomorrow after Thanksgiving break, and feel like I should blog something. So I'm doing a tag.

  Now, I've not been tagged by anyone to do this, but.... (please invision me tagging myself)... there!! I've been tagged. But really, I looked through some old Anna Saccone blogs and found this tag, but anyways.... let's begin:

  1. What do you order at Starbucks?

    I'm really boring and usually just get a Hot Chocolate... :( (not that you're really boring if you get a hot chocolate!!) However, if it's the Holidays, I go for a Peppermint Hot Chocolate!! Exciting.. (me being sarcastic)

  2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?

   I would have to say my infinity scarfs. They're so comfortable and soft and really add to any outfit :).

  3. What's one thing most people probably don't know about you?

  Hmm... that's a hard one, as I do quite like to talk around people that I know well... I'd have to say that something most people don't know about me is that when I was seven I took tap dancing and when I was 3/4 I took ballet. Exciting, right...?

  4. What is one thing you would like to do before you die?

  I would really like to one day completely renovate a house and live in it. Yeah... that would be pretty sweet!

 5. What's one food you can't live without?

  Umm... probably (brace yourselves......) saltines! Or club crackers..... can I choose two? Yeah.... I'll break the rules a bit: saltines and club crackers. They're just so good! Or maybe sweet potato chips.. I honestly didn't realize how hard this would be to answer!

6. What's one quote you live by?

  Well... I have two: If they don't know you personally, on't take it personal.

   Do what you want and say what you feel because the people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind.

   I know for sure that the second one is Dr. Suess, but not so sure about the first one ;).

 7. What do you like and dislike about the Youtube community?

  Well, I don't have a channel, but I do enjoy watching Youtube. Something that I personally think is quite cool about the Youtube community is the number of friends so many people have made by doing this! It's just so amazing.

  One thing that I dislike about the Youtube community is any rude comments, really.... Or any annoying shippers. Yeah--the annoying shippers would have to be one thing I really dislike about Youtube. I just can't even begin to imagine (or rather, I don't want to even begin to imagine) is having shippers always going crazy over you. Umm... can we have some peace please!? Thankyou!!

  8. What's your number one song on your iPod/iTunes?

  Well, I have a laptop, and the most song played on it at the moment is most likely Holly Jolly Christmas, as it is currently the Holiday season. It's also my year-round "feel good song", if any of you even get me when I say that... ;)

  9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having.

  I always tell my friends that I'm "practically a walking newspaper" because of my vast use of grays, whites, and tans. But, if I were to realistically describe it, I would probably have to say understated/neutrals :).

  10. Favorite number?

     39. Really random, I know, but I like the way it kind of rolls off of the tongue. Wait... does that even make sense?? I also like 37. I really like anything in the thirties.... Is that weird?? : /

  11. Two hobbies??

  Writing and biking (aside of course Youtube, but I wouldn't really want to call that a hobby). I've also found a new love for babysitting :). 

  12. Two pet peeves?

  When zippers don't and when the audio is out of sync with the mouths on T.V.! It drives me nuts, especially the audio one, which I definitely share with my mom. ;)

  13. Your guilty pleasure?

   The Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie!! It ended when I was around eight or nine and I was DEVASTATED, so I've been watching all the old episodes on Netflix ;D. I saved the Xmas ones though, so we're not completely done with them! (I finished it off--except Xmas episodes--on Wednesday, I had been watching them back for about nine months ;D)

  Well, that's all for today Fairies!! Also, how do you feel about me calling you guys my "fairies"? I just thought it might be cool as my blogger title is PixieDust8204, but it's really up to you, if anyone is even reading!!

  Thank you to Anna Saccone for the questions and I'll see y'all again very soon.

  XOXO Mo, a Middle Schooler

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bored on Break

 I know this sounds quite silly, but I was hoping that if you come across this post, maybe you could comment something you liked about it and didn't like about it? Even if you never come back, I'll still give you a quick shout-out in a blog post from the near-future.

 Now onto my main topic of the day: On Break, But What Should I Do?

 If your family is anything like mine, you used to go on trips to your grandparent's house or something for Thanksgiving, but as you got older, that tradition slowly vanished. Now we rarely go places for breaks in the middle of the school year. Of course during summer we go somewhere, but not so much for Thanksgiving break, Winter break, or Spring break. And never for three day weekends, although we may go to my G'ma's house as she is only around 30 minutes away.

  Now onto what you could really do when you're bored, stuck at home, and it raining:

  • build a fort--bring back memories, create memories, and keep memories... all with a few blankets and parts of furniture
  • make hot chocolate and watch a movie--great way to chill, especially if you have a dog, comfy pajamas, a blanket, and a holiday movie ;D
  • go to a friend's house/invite a friend over--you can do exactly what I just mentioned, but with a friend! 
  • experiment in the kitchen--baking, cooking, even homemade play dough! It's why Pinterest is a thing 
  • go for a walk in the rain--if you wish, go out without a hood... it will feel SO NICE to just have those cold water droplets splat your face
  • make iMovies--pretty much self-explanatory

  And finally: what to do when you're on break and you're bored and  it's dry outside

  •  ride your bike--fresh air and an open mind.. who could ask for more!?
  • take your dog (or yourself!) to a nearby park to play--great exercise for both of you, or just you!!
  • roll down hills--a lot more fun than you really think it is
  • practice a sport you're a part of
  • go on a trampoline if you have one
  • climb a tree--amazing views for amazing people!


    I sincerely hoped this helped!!

  XOXO Mo, a Middle Schooler