Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bored on Break

 I know this sounds quite silly, but I was hoping that if you come across this post, maybe you could comment something you liked about it and didn't like about it? Even if you never come back, I'll still give you a quick shout-out in a blog post from the near-future.

 Now onto my main topic of the day: On Break, But What Should I Do?

 If your family is anything like mine, you used to go on trips to your grandparent's house or something for Thanksgiving, but as you got older, that tradition slowly vanished. Now we rarely go places for breaks in the middle of the school year. Of course during summer we go somewhere, but not so much for Thanksgiving break, Winter break, or Spring break. And never for three day weekends, although we may go to my G'ma's house as she is only around 30 minutes away.

  Now onto what you could really do when you're bored, stuck at home, and it raining:

  • build a fort--bring back memories, create memories, and keep memories... all with a few blankets and parts of furniture
  • make hot chocolate and watch a movie--great way to chill, especially if you have a dog, comfy pajamas, a blanket, and a holiday movie ;D
  • go to a friend's house/invite a friend over--you can do exactly what I just mentioned, but with a friend! 
  • experiment in the kitchen--baking, cooking, even homemade play dough! It's why Pinterest is a thing 
  • go for a walk in the rain--if you wish, go out without a hood... it will feel SO NICE to just have those cold water droplets splat your face
  • make iMovies--pretty much self-explanatory

  And finally: what to do when you're on break and you're bored and  it's dry outside

  •  ride your bike--fresh air and an open mind.. who could ask for more!?
  • take your dog (or yourself!) to a nearby park to play--great exercise for both of you, or just you!!
  • roll down hills--a lot more fun than you really think it is
  • practice a sport you're a part of
  • go on a trampoline if you have one
  • climb a tree--amazing views for amazing people!


    I sincerely hoped this helped!!

  XOXO Mo, a Middle Schooler


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