Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dealing With Make-Up Work

  Hey Fairies! Today's post is all about when you are out sick or on vacation, and there's the thing you hate most always creeping up on you:


  We've all hated it, all had to do it (unless of course you have a perfect attendance), and all tried to get out of it. But really, it's a lot better to get it done with than to procrastinate so that you can later relax.

   My Tips for the Perfect Make-Up Work Sick/Vacation Session:

  • if you need noise, turn on music and use headphones if younger sibling noise isn't exactly what you meant
  • if music distracts you but you don't want it 100% quiet, try a white noise machine or a diffuser that makes noise as well as producing scent
  • set a timer for around 20 minutes, especially if you have a headache; it's better to learn something and review it rather than to sit there learning about the same thing forever, tiring your brain
  • during breaks eat, use the bathroom, and even nap if you're at that point! Basically take breaks as a chance to rehydrate your brain

    Well, that's all for today Fairies. I know it was quite short, but I'm supposed to be in bed soon and I also honestly don't have much else on this topic!! If I missed out on anything, you have questions, or suggestions, please leave it in the moment section below.

                Mo, a Middle Schooler

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