Sunday, November 22, 2015


   If you're in America than you'll know that thanksgiving is on Thursday! Yay! In my family we all say a thing or two (or five) that we're thankful for during the dinner. My aunt comes over and we all eat and feast and it's just a happy place to be at Thanksgivings--my house.

   Ten things I am Thankful For 2015:

  1. a roof over my head
  2. food in my pantries
  3. friends
  4. family
  5. good health
  6. good education
  7. support
  8. Internet
  9. making the gymnastics team
  10. warm fluffy blankets on my bed
  11. THE WOMB!
  I added number eleven a joke, but it's true... Without the womb, I wouldn't be here. NO ONE would be here!

   I also thought it would be quite interesting if I listed some things that I'm not so thankful for, because we all have something. However, in contrast to my thankful list, I'm inly putting down five in the non-thankful list, as it is always best to look on the positive side and be thankful for what you have.

  Five things I'm NOT Thankful For 2015: 
  1. war
  2. terrorism
  3. science notes
  4. poverty
  5. privacy violators

    I'm sure we all have things to add to both lists, take away from both lists, etc. etc. I hope whoever is reading is enjoying this blog so far! 

     XOXO Pixie 

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