Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Can't Sleep, But Why?

 You're laying awake, unable to sleep. But everytime you open your eyes, they force themselves back shut. It's 11:45 PM. This has been going in for the last month or so, a few times a week. What's happening? What I can do to stop this? You're so tired, beyond tired, but you can not sleep. Why is this? It's all because of a little big thing called Insomnia.

  Insomnia is basically fancy talk for " I can't sleep". However, when it's insomnia it tends to be a bit more extreme. It can be caused by something as small as anticipating a bad grade for your science test, or a big as losing a family member. However, almost all kinds if insomnia have to do with one main base: stress.

    Tips For Insomniacs:

  1. get a diffuser
  2. take a nice, long, warm shower or bath prior to the sleep
  3. no screens half an hour before bed
  4. don't over exercise, but don't under exercise
  5. find what's stressing you out and either try to fix it, or accept it
  6. if it gets to a point where you're either barely sleeping or you're constantly waking up at night, contact a doctor to see how they can help you

   I hope this has helped. I personally suffer from chronic insomnia and have been for around two years after something dreadful happened to my family and I. Good luck sleeping!

         XOXO Pixie ❤️

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