Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello 2016, Goodbye 2015

  Happy New Year's Eve!! 2015 has absolutely become a year to remember. So much has happened that it only feels right to put it into a list. So, what are some amazing things I would like to cherish and remember from the year 2015?? Well, here they are:

  • January: joining a friend group where I was already friends with most of the girls, who were in my class
  • February: filming a mini-series with my friends 
  • March: doing the school musical (even if I was just in the chorus ;) )
  • April: nothing much.... 
  • May: nothing much....
  • June: doing a horse back riding summer camp
  • July: doing my first sleep away summer camp with my friends 
  • August: celebrating my birthday when most of my new and old friends got to meet
  • September: joining a girl's flag football team and getting into the full swing of Middle School
  • October: doing my first group costume with my friends; i became friends with the group I'm currently a part of in January of 2015
  • November: getting my goal mile time
  • December: getting on the team for gymnastics 
  So tell me, what are your greatest accomplishments?? We all have them. 

  XOXO, Mo, a Middle Schooler

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